California Eviction Delay is an expert when it comes to dealing with California tenant rights and eviction laws. We understand your predicament and therefore vow to protect the tenants’ rights at all costs. When dealing with an eviction notice, you have to move fast and do everything right so that you may have more time in your home but most of the people do not understand laws and do not even know their own rights.
This is where California Eviction Delay comes in. We will postpone and delay any eviction notice that you have within one business day. That is how fast we are when it comes to dealing with our client’s problems.

The staff at California Eviction Delay have a combined experience of more than 25 years in dealing with evictions and that is why we know all the nitty-gritty’s of the eviction process. We can postpone any eviction within the same day and we are offering eviction protection service in all of California. It doesn’t matter if you have received a 3 day notice to vacate, a 5 day notice, a 30 day notice or 60 day notice, we can stop the eviction. Be it a 90 day notice, you have been served an unlawful detainer, you have been served a Sheriff’s notice to vacate or there has been a Sheriff lockout, California Eviction Delay can help you delay the eviction and gain more time in your home.

California Eviction Delay also helps you deal with matters with your landlords. Some landlords are providing their tenants with oppressive or unhealthy living conditions in which case the tenants should always remember that they have certain rights in the state of California, which they can exercise.California Eviction Delay can also help stop short sale evictions.

California Eviction Delay main aim is to assist tenants to secure their tenant rights wholly. We are well-experienced and professionals when it comes to California tenant rights. That is why we encourage people to learn and know their rights. Losing your house or apartment is a nerve-racking situation and time for you and your family where mostly, time is limited for you to move out and you have to move fast. We understand that and this is where California Eviction Delay steps in to asssit you through the process and ease your situation.

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