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Valery Abalone

Ca eviction delay, was responsive and quick to take appropriate action. It provided us with wise counsel and good guidance.

Jane Shabot

California Eviction Delay was always there for us,my husband was worried that the manager gonna throw us out of the apartment. So I called California Eviction Delay and they put a stop to everything and they help us with the court; if not for them me and my family would be homeless!

Anthony DeccoMananger

I appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone today. I went to court today things worked out exactly what you told me they would.Nice work Guys!!!

Jonathan BersonPersonal Trainer

The experience with your firm was professional and personal. Eviction was stopped today!!! The sheriff did not show up! I know its been 4 months thanks again for all your ongoing help.

Abelone JepsenPartner at BAC

I suggested ca eviction delay to a friend of mine. Their help was great. I have nothing but good things to say about our experience with your firm.

Michael Muller

I am delighted with the kind of support I have received. The queries have been resolved instantly. Amazing service Thank you!